Monday, September 5, 2011

Thrifty Finds

I am linking up with the wonderful Rhoda from Southern Hospitality. It is the Labor Day Thrify Treasures Day! Please be sure to visit Rhodas blog and give her some love!

I have a love for thrifting and decorating with my finds, even my Hubby who was hated to accompany before is now along for the ride finding his own deals! We are turning into a Thrifty Family…

Here is the latest…this was a Craigslist find. $30.00, not to bad for this mirror, it’s a Turner Mirror. I haven’t been able to find this particular one online, but that’s ok. I love her! Maybe you all can help me out. She is quite heavy, im not sure where I am going to put her as we already have a huge mirror in the living room and 2 mirrors waiting to be painted...but ill find her a home. 

Next up is this plate from Goodwill…This was new in the box, never used and is from the now defunct Gottchalks…oh how I miss you Gottchalks. I bought it for 1.99, it’s a “You are Special Today Plate”. It’s a take on the Waechtersbach Plate. I like this particular one because its white and gold. I cant wait to use it for my 9 year old Daughter.

I found this lovely little wine/champagne holder at the Roseville, Ca, Denios Farmers Market. She was 15.00 not so much a deal bu the Hubby said to get her. The seller did not want to go down in price and was packing up his wares.  She is silver plated but look at her, I love her patina.

That’s it for today; I hope you enjoyed my little finds! Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment. I hope to see you here again.


Barbara Curran said...

Hi Katrina...

I was looking at your recent finds and saw that you have a Turner mirror. I picked up a mirror at a yard sale for $10 back it June. I thought the label looked familiar on your mirror so I ran out to the garage to check mine and's a Turner mirror, What do you know about them?


Katrina said...

Hi Barbara, I dont really know much about them, just the limited info I found online. From what I understand not all Turner items are valuable due to the mass production. They were created in the 40's-50's. Ive been looking on


Tammy at Tammy Loves Dishes said...

Love the silver-plated wine bucket! The lion's head detail is very nice.

Barbara Curran said...

Thanks Katrina...I am a sucker for 40's-50's vintage items, that's probably what drew me to this particular mirror. It's very ornate and can also be used as a shadow box. I'm heading to Brimfield Mass. this weekend to the antique show...I'm going to see what I can find out about Turner mirrors from some of the vendors there!