Tuesday, September 6, 2011

H to the obby to the L obby!

I am pretty sure I screamed at my desk and my co-workers seem to be immune to that since I normally scream at something at my computer anyways. J

 Hobby Lobby is comming to Roseville, Ca!

My plan is this…I am going to tell my Husband we need to go to Roseville to visit Denios, (Roseville) and  then say “Oh my Goodness, is that a Hobby Lobby, we need to go in, I didn’t know Roseville was getting one”! That’s my plan and I am sticking with it.

Hope the Mr. doesn’t read my blog. Even if he did he would most likely forget about it since Roseville is also home to the “Best Fry’s Electronics Store Evah” according to the Mr.

Ready or not Hobby Lobby, here I come! Fall d├ęcor is calling my name!

*Opening day soon to be announced!  

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